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    Life doesn't
have to be hard!

Dawn is a firm believer that life doesn't have to be hard to be incredibly rewarding!  With much joy and gratitude, you can create a life and living beyond what you have imagined!


Dawn Salese Buckley is an international speaker and energy transformation specialist. She has spent her career consulting and educating individuals and groups, including facilitating an international graduate course for teachers and learning specialists, consulting for the United States Government in the areas of health and safety, and assisting Veterans organizations in their pursuit to change legislation. In conjunction, Dawn has spent her life immersed in the world of energy. Her innate intuitive abilities, coupled with advanced energy training and her love of teaching, put her in a unique position to support clients in shifting and creating the lives and businesses they desire. Dawn is a Certified Bars Facilitator and Body Process Practitioner for Access Consciousness®, an Ama-Deus Energy Transformation Practitioner, as well as an Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master. She is grateful for all who choose to pursue greater consciousness and is delighted to share the cutting-edge, pragmatic techniques of Access Consciousness® with the world!


Dawn is also an NCBTMB approved provider,

certified to provide CEUs for attendees in the

United States.



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