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Recommended Reading

Being You, Changing the World by Dr. Dain Heer, just might be my favorite book.


Not only will you hear inspiring stories, but you will learn simple, pragmatic tools to utilize in immediately shifting the energy in your life.  In fact, your energy will shift and you will gain a new perspective simply by reading this lovely book.  Enjoy!

Something for everyone:  business leaders, body workers, professional speakers, parents, animal lovers, students, anyone in a relationship...


Have fun and while browsing through the books, videos, teleclasses, and more 

Benevolent Leadership for a better world:  Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism

    by Chutisa Bowman, Gary Douglas & Steven Bowman

This book provides you with inspiration and transformational practices you can use on your path to embody and be a conscious benevolent leader, and become the catalyst for a different possibility in life and in our world.


If you are ready to take command of your life, create a sustainable future, and become the catalyst for a different possibility in your life and in the world, then you are ready to experience the information provided in this book.

A New Way of Being
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