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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Dawn

It is my pleasure to assist you in creating a life and living you adore!  I am delighted to share pragmatic tools and processes to relieve stress, boost clarity, and allow you to heal.  As you continue to use these simple techniques, you will enjoy more ease, joy and abundance in your life!

After a 30 minute partial (sample) session:  

"I feel a thousand times better than when I started."


Follow up 1 day later: 

"I just want to say thank you so much! My life is already changing! I won a raffle. I came into work and didn't feel sluggish and feel very positive. My relationship is also better!!! This is amazing energy."

Desiree - Maryland

After a 60 minute full session:

"I had great moments of clarity.  I tend it get irritated quickly and during the session I realized it was due to judgement.  My own judgement of the situation is what was causing the irritation."

Rafael - Argentina

Day after working on her back:

"I just had to text you.  My back really does feel good!!  It feels similar to my other therapy, but with you my attitude and energy around my back has shifted, too.  That's very new and it feels good.  I slept really really well and my back felt good the whole time. I woke up and didn't have the little aches and shifts of pain I usually do.  I also notice I'm carrying myself differently.  Which I think is part of the mental and emotional shift around it.  I just needed the boost from you.  Thank you for showing me that it's more a personal choice.  You are so wonderful.  I"m so blessed to have you on my journey with me!!!!  OMG, you bring tears to my eyes...must redo makeup, but that's ok."

Charlotte - New York

"This morning I realized that ever since you ran my Bars, my head has not been as congested as it usually is.  Even with this tsunami of pollen, my allergies have not taken over my life."

Marge - New Jersey

Prior to putting her house on the market:

"Please say whatever it is you say and do to help with the energy in my house.  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the energies there at night and I want it to sell fast."


1 week later:

"I just had to tell you that we had the first showing of our house a few hours after it listed.  We had a nice amount of people coming through and 3 contracts!  We accepted one today. Thank you for working your magic! We couldn't be more thrilled!!

Atteka - Maryland

I love having my Bars run.  It is such a great mood booster for me.  I also get a really great night sleep and don't even hit the snooze button.

Casey - Maryland

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